White wall interior of gallery with white sculpture and Litelab lighting

About Us

Litelab is an internationally renowned lighting manufacturer, specializing in custom museum-quality LED and replacement LED luminaires. Our mission is to empower visionaries and emerging talent in architecture and lighting design to create unique spaces by re-imagining the role that systems play in creating habitats and experiences.

White wall interior of gallery with white sculpture and Litelab lighting

Creating unique lighting solutions through our collaborative process

We work with visionary and emerging architects and designers to push the boundaries of form in light, wellness, and sustainability. Big ideas come with inherent challenges, but we love nothing more than exploring the possibilities and enabling our clients’ visions.

Designing the future of light and building ecosystems

Our collaborations with architects, designers and engineers have taught us a key lesson — no system lives in a vacuum. Each fits within an ecology of systems, social, aesthetic, and performative, enabling the dynamic living environments that we inhabit. We design ecosystems for the future.

Flexible and adaptive lighting solutions

Change is the only constant. We design systems that adapt — embracing the shifting functions of spaces, and the fluctuating needs of people and civilization. We design infrastructures that evolve with your needs.

Our Process


The lighting designer, architect or interior designer has a unique condition or performance requirement. Collaboration begins with an articulation of the design intent and desired results.


Based on design intent and performance parameters, Litelab's sales and engineering teams develop schematic drawings or conceptual submittals for review by the designer.


Litelab's sales and engineering teams review all documents with the designer to ensure continuity with their design intention and performance requirements.


Based on approvals of conceptual design drawings, new submittals are generated and samples of the custom solution are fabricated for mock-up and evaluation.


Mock-up review comments and approvals are incorporated into a new drawing set, for approval by the design team. With final approval granted, the fixture is ready for production.

Our Team

Litelab is a solutions-driven company with over 40 years of experience developing custom lighting solutions for a variety of applications. We maintain a team of highly trained engineers dedicated to developing custom designs to meet the design intent of our clients.


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Our History

Litelab was founded in 1974 as an entertainment lighting company. The company quickly became known for its virtuosic feats of lighting, and pioneered numerous techniques for providing optimal control to entertainment venues. The pinnacle of our recognition at the time came with the release of Saturday Night Fever, for which Litelab created the now iconic dance floors. In the 1980s, Litelab shifted focus to more traditional architectural lighting, while maintaining its practice of custom collaboration.

Today, Litelab is known for our custom lighting solutions and high quality luminaires. We are also recognized for our work on projects like the MoMA and with high-end retail brands, such as Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior.